Device Logs

To help you review and investigate issues, you can download a copy of the camera logs and track a live stream of the log messages.

  1. Filter the camera list to only display the cameras you want to log.
  2. In the top-right corner, select > Device Logs.
  3. In the Device Logs window, click Write Logs to File.
  4. Select a location to save the log file.

    The existing camera logs are automatically downloaded. The system continues to stream and record the live camera logs until you click Stop or close the Device Logs window. While the logs are streaming, you can continue to edit cameras in the Camera Configuration Tool.

In the Device Logs window, the left Devices list are the cameras included in the log file. On the right Logs list are the log messages in chronological order.

The log stream auto-scrolls to the latest message until you click a message in the stream. At this point, the auto-scrolling stops so you can read the message while the log stream continues. To have the application resume auto-scrolling, drag the scroll bar to the end.

You can identify what device is referenced in the log message by the Serial Number. If a camera goes offline, the camera will stop logging until it returns online - the other cameras in the Devices list will continue to stream their logs.

The log file you saved is in .txt format. You can also review the saved log in a text reader.

Each time you open the Device Logs window, the previous log is displayed. When you click Write Logs to File, the Devices list refreshes to include the latest filtered cameras and saves a new log file.