Editing Cameras

In the Camera Configuration Tool, you can edit all the cameras that you have successfully logged into.

Move between different tabs to see and edit the categorized camera settings. For more information, see Setting Tabs.

You can only edit the cameras that are displayed. To edit specific cameras, you can filter the camera list. For more information, see Filtering and Sorting Cameras.

Tip: As you edit the camera settings, you can disable camera filters but you cannot add new filters until after the setting changes have been either applied or discarded.

You can edit any column that displays .

Editing a Single Camera

To edit a setting for a single camera, do one of the following:

  • Select a setting from the options available.
  • Double-click the camera setting, then enter a new value.

The edited setting is highlighted in yellow but is not yet applied. See Applying Changes.

Note: Changes made to the HD Multisensor Dome camera are automatically applied to all camera heads.

Editing Multiple Cameras

To edit the same setting for all cameras in the camera list:

  1. In the column heading, click .
  2. Select or enter the new setting.
  3. Press Enter or click Apply to change the setting.

The edited settings are highlighted in yellow but are not yet applied. See Applying Changes.

Applying Changes

Edited settings are highlighted in yellow.

To apply all changes:

  • Click Apply to validate the changes.
  • If the camera rejects a setting, the camera row is highlighted in red and the rejected setting is highlighted in yellow.

    In the bottom-right implementation area, click next to FAILED: {0} to display only cameras with rejected settings.

To clear all changes:

  • Click Discard.