Finding Cameras

If a camera is not auto-discovered by the Camera Configuration Tool, it may be on a different subnet that is not configured to allow multicast messaging. You can manually discover cameras and add them to the tool for configuration.

  1. In the top-right corner, select > Add Devices by IP.
  2. To find one camera:
    • Enter the IP address of the camera in the Start IP Address field. Leave the End IP Address (Optional) field empty.
  3. To find multiple cameras:
    • Enter the IP address range. Enter the first IP address in the Start IP Address field, and the last IP address in the End IP Address (Optional) field.

      The Number of IP Addresses area displays the total number of IP addresses included in the IP range. The tool will search for no more than 65,536 addresses at a time.

  4. Enter the User Name and Password for the cameras.
  5. Click Add Devices.

The tool searches through all the addresses in the IP address range, and does not stop until all the IP addresses have been checked or you click Cancel. The search occurs in the background so you can continue to use the tool during the search. If a camera is discovered, it is automatically added to the camera list.

Tip: New cameras may not be displayed if the camera list is filtered. For more information, see Filtering and Sorting Cameras.