Setting Tabs

The tabs in the menu bar provide you with a filtered list of settings and information about each camera.

The first 6 columns are the same in every tab:

  1. Web UI — a direct link to the camera's full web browser interface for advanced configuration.
  2. Live video — a low quality live stream from the camera to help you identify where the camera is installed.
  3. Camera status — identifies if the camera is online and if you were able to successfully log in to the camera.
  4. Model — the specific camera model.
  5. Name — the name of the camera. By default, the camera name is the same as its model number.
  6. Head # — identifies the camera head for multisensor cameras.

The tabs show the following details:

Note: Some settings are not displayed if they are not supported by the camera.

Tab Settings
  • Location
  • Disable Camera Status LEDs
  • Date First Discovered
  • Date Last Discovered
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Firmware Version
  • Date — the date and time of the camera
  • Enable DHCP
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • Hostname
  • NTP Server Mode
  • NTP Server
  • MAC Address
Image Settings
  • Encoding
  • Flicker Control
  • Enable WDR
  • Image Rate
  • Quality
  • Max Bitrate
  • Resolution
  • Keyframe Interval
  • Camera Heads
  • Camera Mode
Admin Users
  • Admin User Name
  • Admin Password
  • Secondary Admin User Name
  • Secondary Admin Password
  • Camera Type
  • Analytics Scene Mode
  • Enable Noise Filter
  • Tamper Sensitivity
  • Tamper Trigger Delay
  • Enable Self Learning
  • Video Analytics Mode
  • Analytic Events
All Settings

All available camera settings. Scroll right to see any settings that may be hidden.

Connection Credentials
  • User Name
  • Password
Firmware Update
  • Firmware Version
  • Available Firmware Version
  • Upgrade
  • Downgrade