Connecting ACC to the Cloud

Note: If your ACC site was previously connected to Avigilon Cloud Services as a standalone site and you are now moving to a registered organization, first disconnect the site from the cloud. See Disconnecting ACC from the Cloud.

This section describes how to connect your ACC site to Avigilon Cloud Services so users can view video from their browser or mobile device.

Before Connecting Your ACC Site

  • Check the System Requirements.
  • Ensure your ACC site has Internet access.
  • Ensure that each ACC Server is version 7.12 or later and that the same version of the ACC Web Endpoint Service is installed and running.
  • If you have a multi-server site, add all servers to the site before connecting to Avigilon Cloud Services. Otherwise you will have to disconnect the standalone servers from Avigilon Cloud Services before adding them to your single ACC site.
  • Ensure each server has the correct time zone, date, time, and daylight saving time settings. For a multi-server site, ensure the servers are synchronized to a network time protocol (NTP) server.

Registering Your Organization

Administrators should register their organization in Avigilon Cloud Services. This organization can include one or more ACC sites and provides users with access to cameras across all sites.

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Select a region* then click Not registered? Sign up.
  3. Enter the organization name and your contact information. Click Submit.
  4. A registration email will be sent. Complete your registration:
    1. In the email, click the registration link. This link is only valid for 24 hours.
    2. If the link expires, register your organization again.

    3. Create a password. This password is unique to Avigilon Cloud Services and does not need to match your ACC password.
    4. If you are a federated user, you are not prompted to set a new password. Avigilon Cloud Services will use your identity provider credential, such as a Microsoft account.

    5. Select your Preferred communication language. This sets the language for emails from Avigilon Cloud Services.
    6. Click Submit, then click Sign in and enter your credentials.

Adding a Site to Your Organization

  1. After the organization has been created, get an activation code in Avigilon Cloud Services:
    1. In the Sites tab, click Add site.
    2. Enter the site name, address, and select a Primary Contact who will receive email notifications about the site.
    3. Click Add. A code is displayed.
  2. Copy the code and enter it in the ACC Client software:
    1. In the New Task menu , click Site Setup.
    2. Click the site name, then click Avigilon Cloud Services .
    3. Click If you have an activation code, click here..
    4. Enter the activation code and click Connect.

    The system should connect shortly. If the system takes more than 15-20 minutes to finalize the connection, disconnect your site and try again.

Adding Users to Avigilon Cloud Services

After the ACC site is connected, an ACC administrator can enable users to access Avigilon Cloud Services. Users imported from Active Directory or ACM™ can also be enabled, however these users will have a unique password for Avigilon Cloud Services that may differ from their ACC password.

In the ACC Client:

  1. In the New Task menu , click Site Setup.
  2. Click the site name, then click Users and Groups.
  3. Select a user, then click Edit User.
  4. Enter an email address if not already specified. This will be the username in Avigilon Cloud Services.
  5. Select the Connect checkbox and click OK.
  6. Click Yes to confirm the email address.
  7. The user will receive an email invitation with a registration link that expires within 24 hours. If the email does not appear, check the junk or spam folder.

Signing In to Avigilon Cloud Services

Users can sign in with their Avigilon Cloud Services credentials at and on the ACC Mobile 3 app.

Note: When you connect to Avigilon Cloud Services, two user groups are automatically created:
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Cloud Viewers

By default, these user groups have access rights to view all cameras in Avigilon Cloud Services and cannot log in to the ACC Client. Update these groups' access rights according to your organization's policies.

Do not assign ACC users to be members of these groups.

Giving Users Additional Privileges

Avigilon Cloud Services administrators can manage sites, users, and view the System Health dashboard. Avigilon Cloud Services managers can also view dashboards without site or user management privileges. For more information, see User Roles. You can elevate users to be an administrator or manager.

In Avigilon Cloud Services:

  1. On the Organization Management page > Users tab, select a user.
  2. In the Role drop-down list, select Administrator or Manager.
  3. Click Save.

* Avigilon Cloud Services Regions

Selecting the default region or USA will host your organization and accounts on Microsoft Azure servers in the United States. Selecting Asia Pacific or Oceania will host your account in Australia. All other options will host your account in Canada. Note that all users must select the same region to log in to their accounts.