Avigilon video analytics cameras and appliances are easy to install and can achieve positive analytics results without ongoing software adjustments. Avigilon's patented video analytics is designed to automatically adjust to the camera's field of view without configuration or adjustment.

There are two modes of video analytics:

  • Classified Object mode detects and classifies objects such as a person or a vehicle. You can set up rules and alarms based on this detection in the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software or the Avigilon Blue™ cloud platform.
  • Unusual Motion mode detects motion and compares the speed, direction, and location of movement with what is typical for a scene. It displays anomalies so you can review recorded video that might not otherwise be seen. This feature is only available on ACC™ software version 6.8 or later.

For video analytics to perform effectively, the analytics cameras (or cameras connected to an Avigilon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance or an ACC ES Analytics Appliance) must be installed correctly. Not all devices support each analytics mode. For more information, see your device's datasheet.

Video analytics enabled cameras must be installed:

  • Within the height and angle guidelines.
  • Within sight of the area of interest.
  • Where there is sufficient light in the area of interest.
  • Where there is sufficient contrast to detect foreground motion.
    For example, a person walking in white clothes in a snow-covered field of view may provide poor results.

The installation guidelines for Classified Object mode are more strict than the guidelines for Unusual Motion mode. If you think that you may want to switch between these two modes, follow the Classified Object guidelines. Cameras installed according to the guidelines for Classified Object mode will also work for Unusual Motion mode.

The following information provides a basic set of installation parameters. Read through the entire document before installing cameras.

For site configurations that differ from the listed recommendations, or when in doubt, consult an Avigilon representative before installing the cameras.