Mounting the HD Bullet Junction Box

  1. Use the Junction Box Mounting Template to drill four mounting holes into the mounting surface.
  2. If you are storing the cables inside the wall, drill the center hole on the mounting template.
  3. Prepare the cable entry holes on the junction box. The junction box has two 3/4" NPT cable entry holes: one at the center of the junction box and one on the side.

    Figure 1: The cable entry holes in the junction box.

    1. Use the provided 3/4" NPT plug to close the unused cable entry hole.
    2. Attach a conduit connector to the preferred cable entry hole. Install the conduit and its fitting as instructed by the manufacturer.

      When installing outdoors, wrap the thread of the conduit connector with the supplied Teflon sealing tape to create a water tight seal around the camera connection and the cable conduit hole. When applying the Teflon sealing tape, be sure to wrap in the same direction that the mount will be tightened. This will ensure the tape does not unravel when installing the mating parts together

      NOTE: To maintain the junction box’s vandal resistant design, only use vandal resistant conduits.

      When installing the HD Bullet Camera outdoors, ensure the conduit and its fitting are designed for outdoor use. They must have a suitable IP rating for the environment that the camera is installed.

  4. Pull the cables through the conduit connector and cable entry hole.
  5. Mount the junction box.
    • When using the center cable entry hole, make sure there is a watertight seal when installing outdoors. Apply an adhesive that is appropriate for the mounting surface around the cable entry on the back of the junction box.
    • When using the side cable entry hole, make sure it is facing downwards.
    • Use screws that are appropriate for the mounting surface. You can use the screws provided with the HD Bullet Camera.
  6. Install the HD Bullet Cameras as described in the camera’s installation guide.
    1. Use the screws provided with the junction box to mount the HD Bullet Camera to the junction box.
    2. When installing outdoors, make sure the mounting gasket provided with the camera is used to maintain the bracket’s water resistance.

      Figure 2: (1)Screws packaged with the junction box. (2) Gasket. (3) Screws packaged with the HD Bullet Camera

NOTE: Make sure the cables are carefully tucked into the junction box and are not pinched.