Viewing the RTSP Stream URI

On the Compression and Image Rate page, you can also generate the camera’s real time streaming protocol (RTSP) address. The RTSP Stream URI allows you to watch the camera’s live video stream from any application that supports viewing RTSP streams, including many video players.

Note: You can only generate the RTSP stream address in the camera web interface.

  1. If the Generate RTSP Stream URI button is not available, the RTSP stream URI is auto-generated.

    In the RTSP Stream URI area, the auto-generated URIs are displayed:

    • Unicast — select this option if you only plan to view the video stream from one video player at a time.
    • Multicast — select this option if you plan to view the video from more than one video player simultaneously.

      To view the RTSP stream:

      1. Copy and paste the generated address into your video player. DO NOT open the live video stream yet.
      2. Add your username and password to the beginning of the address in this format:

        rtsp://<username>:<password>@<generated RTSP Stream URI>/

        For example: rtsp://admin:admin@

      3. Open the live video stream.
  2. To watch the camera’s live video stream from an external video player, click Generate RTSP Stream URI.

    The generated address is displayed at the bottom of the RTSP Stream URI area.