Adding a User

  1. On the Users page, click Add....
  2. On the Add User page, enter a User Name and Password for the new user.
  3. In the Security Group drop-down list, select the access permissions available to this new user.
    • Administrator: full access to all the available features in the camera web interface, including PTZ controls
    • Operator: has access to the Live View and PTZ controls but limited access to the Setup features. The user can access the General page, Image and Display page, Compression and Image Rate page, Motion Detection page, Privacy Zones page, Digital Inputs and Outputs page, Microphone page and the Speakers page. The new user can also configure onboard storage settings but cannot delete video recordings or format the SD card.
    • User: has access to the Live View and optional PTZ controls, but cannot access any of the Setup pages. To enable the PTZ controls, select the Use PTZ Controls check box.
  4. Click Apply to add the user.