H4 Multisensor Dome Camera

Avigilon H4 Multisensor Dome cameras use the same settings as the other cameras referenced in this guide, with the exception that these settings are multiplied by the number of heads on the camera. You can configure the settings for each head on the camera individually.

When you see the camera's video display, you will see either three or four image panels displayed — one for each head on the camera:

The top-left image panel is always for Head 1. The odd numbered heads are displayed on the left, and the even numbered heads are displayed on the right.

To control the video display:

  • Click on an image panel then use the zoom and focus controls to adjust the video image.
  • Move your mouse into the image panel then click to maximize the image panel. Click to restore the image panel.

Changing Settings Per Camera Head

When you adjust the video image settings, you will typically see a tab for each camera head. To change settings for a specific camera head, select that head's tab on the settings page and make the required changes.

If no tabs are displayed, the settings apply to the camera as a whole.

The All Heads tab is only displayed on the Image and Display, Adjustments, and Motion Detection pages. The All Heads tab on these pages allows you to change settings that apply to the whole camera and settings that can apply to specific camera heads.

  1. Select the All Heads tab to adjust the settings that apply to the whole camera. These settings include Flicker Control and Enable WDR on the Image and Display page, as well as Saturation, Brightness, Sharpness and Contrast on the Image and Display > Adjustments page.
  2. In the All Heads tab, you can set the Imaging mode:
    • Select Global to apply the same settings to all camera heads. Use the settings listed in the All Heads tab to adjust the camera image settings. The same settings for each numbered Head tab are disabled.
    • Select Per-head to apply different settings to each camera head. Select the different tabs to change the settings for each camera head.
  3. Select each numbered tab to adjust the focus controls for each camera head. These settings must be manually adjusted for each camera head.

For more information about the different Image and Display settings, see Image and Display.

For more information about enabling and disabling H4 Multisensor IR LEDs, see Enabling and Disabling IR LEDs.