Front View

  1. Camera mounts

    Provides mounting points for the camera. Mounts accept 1/4”-20 UNC bolts commonly found on tripods and mounting brackets.

  2. Serial number tag

    Device information, product serial number and part number label.

Rear View

  1. I/O connector block

    Provides connections to external input/output devices.

  2. Audio/video connector

    Accepts a mini-jack connector (3.5 mm).

  3. Connection status LED indicator

    Provides information about device operation.

  4. Link LED indicator

    Indicates if there is an active connection in the Ethernet port.

  5. Ethernet port

    Accepts an Ethernet connection to a network. Server communication and image data transmission occurs over this connection. Also receives power when it is connected to a network that provides Power over Ethernet.

  6. Power connector block

    Accepts a terminal block with either an AC or DC power connection. DC input can be either polarity. Only required when Power over Ethernet is not available.

  7. SD card slot

    Accepts an SD card for onboard storage.

  8. Micro USB port

    Accepts a micro USB to USB adapter. Only required when using the Avigilon USB Wi-Fi Adapter.