Installing the Camera

Complete the following steps to install the camera into the enclosure:

  1. Loosen the 2 screws on the side of the enclosure using the provided allen key. Open the housing as shown in the diagram below.

    Note: After installation and wiring is complete, make sure to close the housing securely.

  2. To remove the PoE module you must first partially unscrew the fixing screws as shown in the figure below. Remove the module by sliding it until the holes align with the slide locking screws and then lift the module.

  3. Mount the camera to the PoE module using the supplied scew (1), washer, and spacer (2). Apply at least one spacer to guarantee electrical isolation between the PoE module and the camera.
    1. The spacer should be positioned in the second slot, as shown in the image below. Slide the camera and spacer as close to the front as possible to avoid visual interference or optical reflections from the glass.

    2. Ensure that the camera is aligned paralel to the module and then tighten the screw.
    3. Connect the camera to the J2 connector (PoE OUT) with the supplied cable (3).
  4. Connect the PoE cable from the Power Injector to the J1 connector (PoE IN). The PoE cable was routed into the enclosure during the mounting step (see Mounting the LPC Enclosure).

  5. Re-attach the PoE module with the camera back to the housing and tighten the previously loosened screws.

  6. Make sure to set the dip switch SW1 to the ON position. Remove the protective lens film from the camera before closing the housing.

Absorbed Power Configuration
SW1 Maximum Power
OFF PoE Class 3 (13W max)
ON Hi-PoE Class 4 (25W max)