CAUTION — The assembly and installation must only be performed by a qualified technician.

CAUTION — Eye Safety – IR emitted from the illuminator EN62471 Risk Group 2.

Do not stare at the lamp. Avoid exposure or use appropriate shielding or eye protection. Risk Group 2 for cornea or lens infrared hazard. Hazard distance is 1500 mm.

Max IR EHV (Exposure Hazard Value): 69% of Risk Group 2 Limit at 200 mm from the lamp.

For information on how to select an appropriate mounting location and to set up the IR illuminator, see the H4 LPC Site Design Guide.

For information on how to use the License Plate Recognition feature in the Avigilon Control Center (ACC), see the Avigilon Control Center Client User Guide.

Use this manual to install the H4 LPC Camera Kit after you have selected a mounting location as per the site design guidelines (see the H4 LPC Site Design Guide).