Mounting the Feed Through Mounting Arm

Complete the following steps to mount the enclosure using the included feed through mounting arm:

  1. Drill four mounting holes and a cable entry hole into the mounting surface.
  2. Attach the mounting bracket to the mounting surface.

    • Use screws that are appropriate for the mounting surface.
    • It is recommended that you apply silicone sealant into the mounting holes underneath the screw heads.

  3. Pull the required PoE cable from the Power Injector through the mounting arm and through the included gasket.

    1. Cut a hole in the gasket (3). The hole needs to be big enough to accommodate the PoE cable and the part of the sealing rings (4) that will extend through the enclosure (1). Place the gasket (3) in between the mounting arm (2) and the enclosure (1).

    2. The PoE cable will be routed through the largest cable opening on the bottom of the enclosure.

    3. Use the sealing ring to seal the cable connection through the enclosure. Ensure that the unused holes on the bottom of the housing are sealed with the remaining sealing rings to prevent water from entering the housing.

      Note: You will need to crimp the PoE cable to pull the wire through the sealing ring.

  4. Use the provided screws to secure the enclosure to the mounting arm.

Installing the IR Illuminator

  1. Refer to the H4 LPC Site Design Guide to determine if the IR illuminator's lens needs to be changed or removed. Please consult the printed installation guide shipped with the IR illuminator for instructions on replacing the lens, if required.
  2. Align the IR illuminator's bracket holes with the housing, as shown in the diagram below.

  3. Use the included screws to secure the IR illuminator to the housing. Be sure to use the IR bracket screw holes indicated in the image below.

  4. Tighten the screws using the provided allen wrench.
  5. Connect the IR illuminator directly to a Power Injector and not via the camera enclosure.