Powering Up

The H4 LPC camera kit requires 2 × IEEE 802.3at Class 4 PoE+ (25.5 W) power source. The enclosure heater and the camera require a total of 16 W power. The IR illuminator requires 25 W power.

Note: The automatic pre-heating (de-icing) process could be started whenever the device is switched on and the air temperature is below 0°C (32°F). This process ensures that the device works properly even at low temperatures. The pre-heating duration ranges depending on environmental conditions (from 60 minutes up to 120 minutes).

The LEDs shown in the figure below allow users to check the operating status of the camera and enclosure. Refer to the table below for the operating status indicators.

Operating Status
LED LED Status Apparatus Status
LD1 (Power Supply) Off The device is not powered.
On The device is correctly powered.
LD2 (Camera) Off The camera is not connected or Cold Start is active.
On The camera is correctly powered.
1 Flash The camera has a low identification resistance.
2 Flashes The camera has a high identification resistance.
5 Flashes The camera has excessive energy consumption.
9 Flashes The camera requires more energy than the energy that is available.
LD3 (De-Misting) Off De-misting was not correctly detected.
1 Flash Standard de-misting is inactive.
2 Flashes The anti-ice system (optional) is inactive.
On The de-misting or anti-ice system is active.
LD4 (Heater) Off Heating is not available or power available is not sufficient.
1 Flash Heating is inactive.
On Heating is active.
LD5 (Delayed Activation) Off Heating is not available.
1 Flash The pre-heating procedure is inactive.
On The pre-heating procedure is underway.