Cover View

  1. NPT adapter

    Used to mount the dome camera to NPT pipes.

  2. Pendant wall mount (optional)

    Used with the NPT adapter to mount the dome camera to a wall in pendant installations.

  3. Tamper resistant screws

    Star-shaped captive screws to fix the dome cover to the base.

  4. Dome cover

    Vandal resistant dome cover.

    Only available on H4SL-DO models.

NPT Adapter View

  1. Camera housing clips

    Snaps to hold camera module during installation.

  2. Lanyard

    Connects to the lanyard anchor on the camera base.

  3. 1-1/2” NPT thread mount

    Standard male 1-1/2” NPT thread mount for mounting the dome camera to a pole or bracket.

Pendant Wall Mount Bracket View

  1. Bracket mounting holes

    Points for mounting the pendant wall mount bracket to a mounting surface.

  2. Mounting tabs

    Tabs for placing the pendant wall mount onto the bracket.

  3. Mounting points

    Points for securing the pendant wall mount to the mounting bracket.

Pendant Wall Mount View

  1. 1-1/2” NPS thread mount

    Female NPS thread mount for pendant camera installations.

  2. Pendant wall mount screws

    Screws for securing the pendant wall mount to the mounting bracket.

  3. NPT pipe entry hole

    A 3/4” NPT threaded hole for NPT pipe conduits.

Camera Base Bottom View

  1. Cable entry hole

    An entry hole for the cables required for camera operation.

  2. Lanyard anchor

    The safety lanyard attaches to the anchor to prevent the camera from falling during installation.

  3. Vent

    Vent to allow moisture vapor to escape the sealed housing and equalize pressure.

    Only available on H4SL-DO models.

Camera Base Front View

  1. IR illuminator

    Provides scene illumination in the IR spectrum.

  2. Only available on -IR models.

  3. Ethernet port

    Accepts power and Ethernet connection to the network.

    The camera can only be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). Server communication and image data transmission also occur over this connection.

  4. Connection status LED indicator

    Green LED provides information about device operation. For more information, see Connection Status LED Indicator.

  5. Link LED indicator

    Amber LED indicates if there is an active connection in the Ethernet port.

  6. microSD card slot

    Accepts a microSD card for onboard storage. For more information, see (Optional) Configuring microSD Card Storage.

Camera Base Rear View

Displayed IR illuminators only available on -IR models.

  1. Azimuth control

    Provides control of the image angle.

  2. Tilt lock thumb screw

    Provides a locking mechanism for the image tilt adjustment.

  3. Pan lock latch

    Provides a locking mechanism for the image pan adjustment.

  4. Micro USB port

    Accepts a micro USB to USB adapter. Only required when using the Avigilon USB Wi-Fi Adapter.

  5. Serial number tag

    Device information, product serial number and part number label.