Clearing the Door Tampered State

After the tampering event has been resolved, you can clear the tampered state on the Safety Relay. Clear the Safety Relay only when it is in the tampered state and the LED is a steady red.


Use the clear button (1) on the Safety Relay in the tampered state to restore it to the normal door state:

  1. Ensure there is power to the junction box where the Safety Relay is installed.
  2. Open the secured junction box.
  3. Locate the Safety Relay and ensure the LED is a steady red (2).
  4. Locate the clear button.
  5. Using a straightened paperclip or similar tool, gently press and hold the clear button.
  6. Release the button after three seconds.

CAUTION — Do not apply excessive force. Inserting the tool too far will damage the Safety Relay.