Wiring the Safety Relay

The contacts on the pluggable terminal blocks are are rated for 24V, 2A maximum, and 16 to 26 gauge wires.

You can wire the Safety Relay to an electric door strike directly or to a door controller panel managed by the ACM software.

There are two ways to directly wire the Safety Relay to an electric door strike, depending on how the door is configured to act when power is cut off:

  1. Fail-secure: The door is locked from the outside, and is unlocked from the inside to permit exit or evacuation.
  2. Fail-safe: The door is unlocked allowing people to enter and exit freely.

Electric door strikes can be configured either way. Magnetic door locks can only be in fail-safe mode when power is cut off.

The Safety to Relay can be connected to a door managed by the ACM system. The diagram (see Wiring for a Door Already Managed by an ACM System) shows the connections for the Fail-Secure door. For a Fail-Safe door, the door lock connects to the Safety Relay's NC terminal. The REX sensor is connected to the ACM system input so the ACM system can log REX events. An ACM output is used to drive the Safety Relay's REX input so that ACM can unlock the door even if the Safety Relay is in the lockout state.

Tip: These connections will not allow the ACM system to log door unlock events granted by the Video Intercom, but these events could be logged by the ACC system. To log Video Intercom-initiated door unlocks in the ACM system, another ACM input could be used to monitor the NC or NO signal, which would generate an ACM event for both ACM and Video Intercom initiated door unlocks.